Observe in detail, even the brackets are of Hamsa design.

Image given by the client: We had worked for about 9 months continuously for this client for their various wood carving needs of their residence. This art piece is made out of Mahogany Wood.

If you observe in detail, even the brackets used is of Hamsa design, the brass chain in the swing is of Hamsa design. The centre table is made with Hamsa Design to complete the set.

Note: These images are displayed just to give our customers on outline idea that we are specialised in Custom Made furnitures.This also shows that we have the expertise to convert any wood to a fine carved furniture. Depanding on client requirment either they can give us their concept or we can draw from our exsisting catalogue. We believe that each and every client has different taste and many of them are better than us, so that we will get to learn from each and every client.

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